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Posted on: November 25, 2010 10:42 am

Hot Stove: 1B and the 2011 Cubs

Adam Dunn, Carlos Pena, Lance Berkman. There is a void at 1st base for the Chicago Cubs this year. One that will never be filled defensively as it was with Derek Lee manning the bag. However, it does present an opportunity for a solid upgrade offensively for the next 3-4 years.  
ADAM DUNN:Adam Dunn is 31 years old and is apparently seeking a 4 year deal (declined 3yrs from WAS). He also is very set on not becoming a DH at this point in his career. He wants to play the field. He straight mashes the ball at Wrigley Field (27HR in 66 games) and has said he would love to be a part of the Chicago Cubs. It's no secret that he strikes out as much as he blasts it out of the park, but I see a good fit. With Dunn it will come down to money. probably in the 4 year 50-60 million range. If the money  is available to spend, I'd say grab him up and move on with the development of the young pitching staff.
CARLOS PENA:Carlos Pena is coming off of one of his worst seasons in the majors. He was plagued by injuries and is also (like Dunn) a strikeout artist. Pena won't hit with the 38-45 HR power of Dunn but may be interested in signing a 1-2yr deal to prove his worth and get one last BIG contract.
LANCE BERKMAN:The Big Puma or my favorite Fat Elvis has something to prove. He has even gone so far to say that he would be interested in playing the outfield instead of 1st because HE feels he is still mobile enough. Now why I won't buy in to that theroy necessarily, I could se him manning the bag at 1st for the Chicago Cubs in 2011. Berkman had his knee scoped and repaired in 2010 and was limited in using his legs for his swing. This hindered him quite a bit and he has said that he is healthy and ready to move on. Again, kind of a strikeout artist but a great player nonetheless. A player that I could see stamping his ticket in to the Hall Of Fame with a nice 3-4 year stint in Chicago before he is relegated to the AL for his inevitable DH duties in his late 30's. I'm not sure what kind of money it would take to get this deal done, but it is definitely a good fit as I see it.
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Greg Maddux

The news that Larry Rothschild has accepted the Pitching Coach job in New York for the Yankees rings true as an early Christmas present to Cub fans. Over his tenure he sure did have a lot of talent come through the ranks. All of which inevitably fell on their face. Whether it was due to injury (most of which I do agree was Dusty Baker's fault) or the lack of development. I feel that Larry Rothschild (allthough one of the most respected PC's out there) is a BUM! My hopes and dreams lie on the future. Nothing would make me happier than to see old Mad Dog Greg Maddux accept the position of Pitching Coach for the Chicago Cubs. He is currently a special assistant to Jim Hendry.  Maddux has proven over the twilight of his career that he is an asset to young arms. He truly "gets" the game and could work wonders with an up-and-coming pitching staff that has some serious re-building to do. Here's to wishful thinking...



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Posted on: December 16, 2009 11:40 am
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Hot Stove: Chicago Dreaming

Cub Fans:
Center field is an obvious void this off season.  Conveniently, there is also a dying need for a speedy high average "slap hitting" leadoff hitter.  Something the team has been searching for years to acquire (remember the Juan Pierre days) how would that pan out now? From Dusty Baker to Lou Pinella, the leadoff carousel has been spinning. 
To bad Soriano didn't pan out.
This leads me to a glaring issue:
The majority of the Major Leauge talent that has been acquired recently has seemed to have already peaked. One time superstar hopefuls are now heading in to the twilight of their careers. So let us look to some younger "blossoming" superstars to fill these voids.
Look outside the box this year Jim Hendry.  Start thinking of moving some serious players. Carlos Zambrano has to be worth more now than ever right? How about Aramis Ramirez? He opted not to have shoulder surgery this offseason, how will that pan out?  My personal opinion is that Derek Lee has to go and this is the only year in which maximum return value would be given.  After a slumping previous 2 years (albeit due to wrist injury) he somehow had a resurgent "renaissance" season.  Trade him. Now. This once promising trio of players have not been able to get it done, regardless of the talent that they have been surrounded by.
Look to Boston who now has enough center fielders to field an army of speedsters. Also an organization in need of a 3B if this Lowell deal goes through. Also an organization with a wealth of actual young SP talent too.  Oh yeah, and a team that will seemingly try and trade their young speedster center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury
That could work out well. Aim high and think outside the box. Plenty of promising options are out there Chicago Cubs.
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