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Our Fantasy Offseason (16tm H2H)

Initially intended as a private message to the Commissioner that I would prefer all of you to take a look at and discuss.

Fantasy baseball draft day is a sacred day in my life. It is something that I prepare for year round and I look forward to it greatly. The hope and promise of drafting your championship team is one of the most exciting things in my life (perhaps a sad realization). With the changes to the league albeit with good intentions I have lost some of that excitement. By instilling the 2 keeper rule I feel it affects the sanctity of our league which we could not have forecasted. There was a strong agreeance to have a keeper type league but I think that loses its luster in the current format. By only keeping 2 players you aren't truly accomplishing the goal of what a keeper league intends. There is no reason that you would keep an up and coming prospect unless they project to be a 1st or 2nd rounder and that in my opinion is where keeper leagues are fun. We are forcing each team to keep 2 players from their roster and taking 32 players off the board going in to the draft. Long gone are the days of finding a "steal" or "under the radar" guy in the first 2 rounds. Long are the days of projecting or dreaming of how you will build your roster through the most important first 6 rounds. That is now gone. Lost. Forgotten. Instead we now will go in to the draft day with 32 players off the board (perhaps the:  top 8 1B, top 3 2B, top 6 3B, top 4 SS, top 15-20 OF, and top 10-15 SP). It is not like there isn't talent available still or that some teams will be "forced" to throw a player back in the pool based on their loaded teams; I just don't fully agree with the format. I want to hope and dream for a loaded roster. I want to use my (believed) expert opinion to stack a roster and compile players I believe are undervalued. I want a standard draft!

To this I propose 3 items:

1. Do away with the keeper rule prior to the start of this season.

2. Do away with the keeper rule AFTER this season (since we did previously agree upon the rule)

3. Do away with MANDATORY keepers. (Have the ability to pick in the first 2 rounds if you keep one player or none)

As I see it I would only like to be involved in a keeper league that has multiple keepers (as keepers are intended) so that one could build for the future and build a loaded roster. To accomplish this we would need to expand the keeper rule to at least 6 players in my opinion. I must note that in this league I WOULD NOT be for this change but that would be the only logical way for me to include a keeper rule of any sorts.

 Hindsight is 20-20 and we did have great intentions/expectations around this in previous discussions. After I have had the chance to look back and reflect I am voicing my opinion. I would like to hear how others feel but take the time to soak in the true ramifications of how we materially changed the landscape of this great League.



Brian Heese

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Posted on: January 4, 2012 11:07 pm

Carlos Zambrano trade 01/04/12

Since the Cubs are eating so much of Zambrano's salary, I would have liked to see some organizational depth or prospects in return here. I agree that the trade works for both sides but 15+ mm is a lot of salary to eat. 

On another note: It looks like we can see the type of player(s) Theo & Co. are coveting. Travis Wood and Chris Volstad are both young (former) phenom prospects with all of the upside in the world. Both players have had some (Volstad more than Wood) trouble translating their skills to the Majors. However, they both produce tons of upside and many prime years under possible  team control. If the cubs can trade Byrd and/or Soriano in this offseason I think I can see some progress for the future. The most important piece (in my opinion) is holding on to Matt Garza and hopefully extending him at the end of the year. The rest of the pieces will shake out over the course of the season.
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Cubs, Reds close to swapping Marshall for Wood

This is a headline that I saw in the pretty reliable website. 

This deal makes so much sense for both teams. First off, don't get me wrong I love Sean Marshalland agree that he is one of the top left handed relievers in the game, but the Cubs problem right now isn't with relief help. The Cubs really need to bolster the starting rotation and what better guy than young off and on phenom Travis Wood (age 24). Travis Wood has all the possibility in the world to improve to a dominant #2/3 SP. He could possibly be a nice fixture going forward with Matt Garza in the rotation. I also heard there may be a copuple of minor leauge players heading our way in this deal too.

What do you think? 
Travis Wood (age 24 SP CIN) and a couple minor league depth players 
Sean Marshall (age 29 LHRP - 1 year remaining on contract)

I like it. Let me know your thoughts.
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Posted on: April 12, 2011 10:45 pm

My 2011 Fantasy Team YTD

My long withstanding CBS Commissioner leauge chose to expand this year. It changed from the 12 team head to head format we have used for the past 5 years to a 16 team head to head League. We pretty much utilize the CBS standard scoring except for penalizing hitters slightly less (no -1 for SO, no -2 for CS). We have 5 bench spots, start 6 SP's with no RP requirement, and start 1 Utility Player. 
I welcomed the expansion to 16 teams to lessen the available talent on the waiver wire. It became entirely too easy to replace an injured player or non performing player. Now with 16 rosters people will be forced to trade and if you are so unfortunate to lose your 1st round draft pick; you better make a move! Right?
So I had Evan Longoria.
Traded him for the newly 3B eligible Kevin Youkilis and OF Curtis Granderson. I gave up Daniel Hudson SP and Ivan Nova SP along in the package. I felt so early in the season I couldn't sustain an injury to my stud 3B. (I especially didn't like the thought of an oblique injury lingering as he would struggle to hit 30 HR in a full healthy season anyhow.)
So I gave him up.
I like the move through and through. The production I will get out of Kevin Youkilis will easily match what I will have gotten from Longoria after he sits out 3-5 weeks and then deals with a lingering oblique injury... Right?  As for Curtis Granderson... well... I dunno. I guess the possibility for him to hit 30 HR and bat .250 in a league that doesn't penalize strikeouts, I figured he'd play. He will look good in the own/start column at least. (don't act like you don't base your judgement on own/start %)
Now my second round pick...
Josh Hamilton
Today he goes down with a shoulder injury after legging out a 4pt triple for me today. Finishing the week (and the next 6-8 weeks) with a lowly 7 FPTS. Wow. First Longoria and now Hamilton. What can I do here? I already leveraged myself with the Longoria trade (Curtis Granderson doesn't look so bad now does he). My outfield now consists of Curtis Granderson and Torii Hunter then: Jason Bay (almost back from the DL), Magglio Ordonez (lingering injury to ankle/achilles), and newly acquired Chris Coghlan. One of those guys has to start at U as well mind you.
My third round pick Adam Dunn had a neat little emergency appendectamy already this year too. That was fun.

What to do (stay tuned)

Posted on: January 10, 2011 7:31 pm

OffseasonTrades: 01/10/11

I am appalled at how many Cub faithful have been crying over the loss of Sam Fuld. I understand the fan favorite part, but c'mon. What really did this guy have to offer? NOTHING! he doesn't project to become anything in the future. We already can't find a spot for Tyler Colvin, what did we need Fuld for? Power Hitter off the bench? I say this jokingly, but I think the Cubs made a positive trade here and fully addressed the offseason needs to stay competitive: 


LH power hitter (Carlos Pena) check. 

Setup/Relief Pitcher (Kerry Wood) check. 

Frontline SP talent (Matt Garza) check. 


The minor league system does take a big hit with the absence of Hak Ju Lee and Chris Archer, but both were expendable. Lee was blocked by Starlin Castro and unless Castro was willing to move to second base (and be good), the pure SS in Lee was blocked. Chris Archer burst on to the scene last year blowing through the minor league system. Up until last year he was on no-one's radar. From what I've read/heard he doesn't have that high of a ceiling anyhow. Matt Garza will be a nice piece in the #2 spot in the rotation through the 2013 season when he turns 30. He then will get a hefty extension to keep him a fixture in the Cubs rotation as the quest for a World Championship continues...


2013 or 2014 World Champs

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 1:00 pm

Carlos Pena

Cub Fans:
Carlos Pena is a great fit for the 2011 Chicago Cubs. His defense is first class and rivals that of the perennial Gold Glover Derek Lee. That will add value that can not be explained. Over the many years we have taken for granted what Derek Lee was able to scoop out of the dirt at 1B. He saved many a close game.
Carlos Pena steps in after one of his statistically worst seasons. He was hampered by Plantar Faciitus (foot) all season and never got quite healthy enough. The Rays needed him. The ran him out at 75% multiple times over the season, never allowing him to get to full strength. All the rumors are that he will be coming in to Spring Training 100% healthy; that is a Cubs win. The fact that 5 mil of his contract is deferred to next years payroll is a god-send as well.
My prediction: 
.265 avg/32 HR's/100 RBI
And I'll take that. Even with his high whiff rate (a la Adam Dunn) he should prove very effective in the Friendly Confines. As a big fly type bat, I am excited to see what a Carlos Pena High Fly does in the summer gusts to center field of Wrigley Field. Me must not forget what division he came from as well. Some of the best pitching in the game reside in the AL and some of the best hitters. An NL switch I do believe will pay HUGE dividends to the Free Swinging Carlos Pena.
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Posted on: November 25, 2010 10:42 am

Hot Stove: 1B and the 2011 Cubs

Adam Dunn, Carlos Pena, Lance Berkman. There is a void at 1st base for the Chicago Cubs this year. One that will never be filled defensively as it was with Derek Lee manning the bag. However, it does present an opportunity for a solid upgrade offensively for the next 3-4 years.  
ADAM DUNN:Adam Dunn is 31 years old and is apparently seeking a 4 year deal (declined 3yrs from WAS). He also is very set on not becoming a DH at this point in his career. He wants to play the field. He straight mashes the ball at Wrigley Field (27HR in 66 games) and has said he would love to be a part of the Chicago Cubs. It's no secret that he strikes out as much as he blasts it out of the park, but I see a good fit. With Dunn it will come down to money. probably in the 4 year 50-60 million range. If the money  is available to spend, I'd say grab him up and move on with the development of the young pitching staff.
CARLOS PENA:Carlos Pena is coming off of one of his worst seasons in the majors. He was plagued by injuries and is also (like Dunn) a strikeout artist. Pena won't hit with the 38-45 HR power of Dunn but may be interested in signing a 1-2yr deal to prove his worth and get one last BIG contract.
LANCE BERKMAN:The Big Puma or my favorite Fat Elvis has something to prove. He has even gone so far to say that he would be interested in playing the outfield instead of 1st because HE feels he is still mobile enough. Now why I won't buy in to that theroy necessarily, I could se him manning the bag at 1st for the Chicago Cubs in 2011. Berkman had his knee scoped and repaired in 2010 and was limited in using his legs for his swing. This hindered him quite a bit and he has said that he is healthy and ready to move on. Again, kind of a strikeout artist but a great player nonetheless. A player that I could see stamping his ticket in to the Hall Of Fame with a nice 3-4 year stint in Chicago before he is relegated to the AL for his inevitable DH duties in his late 30's. I'm not sure what kind of money it would take to get this deal done, but it is definitely a good fit as I see it.
Posted on: November 20, 2010 1:15 pm
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Greg Maddux

The news that Larry Rothschild has accepted the Pitching Coach job in New York for the Yankees rings true as an early Christmas present to Cub fans. Over his tenure he sure did have a lot of talent come through the ranks. All of which inevitably fell on their face. Whether it was due to injury (most of which I do agree was Dusty Baker's fault) or the lack of development. I feel that Larry Rothschild (allthough one of the most respected PC's out there) is a BUM! My hopes and dreams lie on the future. Nothing would make me happier than to see old Mad Dog Greg Maddux accept the position of Pitching Coach for the Chicago Cubs. He is currently a special assistant to Jim Hendry.  Maddux has proven over the twilight of his career that he is an asset to young arms. He truly "gets" the game and could work wonders with an up-and-coming pitching staff that has some serious re-building to do. Here's to wishful thinking...



Go Cubs

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